about me


Hello! I am Kevin aka Saty

I am a 22 Years old programmer from Germany. I started to code like 6 or even 7 years ago - simple with HTML. After that i started to study it more and more. I learned Javascript, Visual basic and other little languages like Lua and Python. With the age of 18 i started with C# and Java. I wanted to make my own game back then, but that was just to hard for a beginner. The next 4 Years was just learning, before i started to begin with real stuff. My first real Project is an modding tool for a game called "Slime Rancher". It's a huge success for me, because i hit over 1000 Users in under 3 Weeks.

But now i want to start the real business and start with an own Game. A small, multiplayer farming game in voxel graphic.

I don't know if that will be a success, but at least it will give me knowledge.


What Can I Do?


This i my "main" programming language. Most of my projects are in this language.


I'm working sometimes with PHP, not that much anymore, but i think i am pretty good with it.


Java is fun. I used it a lot for Minecraft Mods/Plugins. I also tried to make a game with it, but that wasnt so good.


Oh! C++ is really really hard for me, i tried it one time but stoped it. Maybe i going to try it again, who knows?


I know javascript just enough to make simple website timers or use it for websocket connections.

Other Languages?

I know Python, Lua, VB, BB and sh. But i nearly never use these.

what i use

Visual Studio

I use it for most of my projects


Everything Java related is done with this


The tool for everything else

other knowledge



I use to work a lot with networking stuff. I use lidgren for most of the things, but can also do custom networking over sockets.


Unity (Game Development)

I use Unity a lot for game specific stuff. I am currently working on my first game.


Linux systems

I use linux servers for my networking projects. I run my code over mono. I already worked a lot with linux and would say, that i know it already pretty good.


UE4 (Game Development)

Unreal Engine 4 is a big engine. So big that i didnt find a way to work with it. I would need a teacher for that.